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About Twin Rook Chess

It all started when a dedicated mom wanted to ensure that her kids learn chess from their lazy dad. She formed Twin Rook chess and pushed her husband to start teaching their kids and the other kids from the neighborhood. What started as an evening of casual fun soon developed into a community club of passionate chess coaches and players.  COVID pushed the club to go online, which only propelled it to grow across boundaries with the help of online chess platforms.

Founded in 2019 and based in Mckinney, TX, USA, Twin Rook Chess  is now made of a group of devoted international FIDE rated chess coaches, promising young players, chess enthusiasts and dedicated parents. The club focuses on enabling school goers with foundational chess skills in the shortest period possible, introduces them to the FIDE and USCF chess tournament circuits, follows up on progress, enables them with advanced skills and eventually contributes to their overall developments of their social personality. 

Twin Rook Chess includes 60 registered players from 8 states in US. 40 of them attend coaching classes from 6 coaches. Classes are run online every-week in both group and individual formats. Tournaments are conducted typically every 2 weeks on a Saturday.  Refer to the other sections of this website for more information on the club, classes and upcoming tournaments.

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